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Our Services

Security Program Planning

Developing and implementing a new security program can be a daunting and confusing task. Through evaluation and collaboration, we help to build a personalized security program to fit your budget and business needs.

Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment

Using the Government of Canada’s Harmonized Threat and Risk Assessment Model, we provide a comprehensive review of the threats, vulnerabilities, and assets that determine your security risks. With customized recommendations, you have comfort in knowing how to manage those risks.

Protection Assessment

Completing on-site reviews and inspections of current conditions, our security consultants will propose alternate systems, physical security, or other security solutions to match your specifications and situation.

Security Program Review

After a review of the current security programs in place including policies, procedures, and security services, we provide insight and offer guidance to address any security concerns.

Security Proposal Consulting

We offer both the development of a security “Request for Proposal” and the evaluation for each bid submitted. With extensive industry knowledge and security certifications, we assess and identify the leading proposal to meet your security needs.

Penetration Test

Whether it’s attempting to gain access to a building, or an event, we identify physical weaknesses in the current security setting. Once any corrections or changes are implemented, a new test is conducted